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Friday, December 4, 2020

How TOTALLY 2020!

 This won't be easy to explain.  It should have been simple.

Someone fell in love with the Vintage Jasper Necklace which she found on Pinterest.  She asked if I would still sell the tutorial, and I said sure, so I turned on the listing.  Then I thought, "Gee, I still have some of the materials for those kits.  What if I just buy some new cabochons?"  The buyer was enthusiastic, so I contacted Intrinsic Trading, (via telephone, I usually see them in person at the G&LW Show, but we all know how things like that were eliminated to keep us all safe) and bought 16 new rectangle cabochons and enough of the barrel pairs to allow me to make up some nice sets.  

The sales person mentioned that the rectangles were not all exactly the same size.  She showed me a photo.  I had designed the bezel to be largish, in order to make for easy fitting and finishing, so I thought and extra mm here or there would not be a big deal.  

An extra 4 mm however, is quite a big deal.  And 4mm in width, plus another two in length is an even bigger deal.  

There were two Millenial pinkish cabs.  Usually I choose the least worthy cabs to make my samples, leaving the best of everything for buyers.  But this time, (it being 2020 and all) I took one of these yummy pink ones.  I started with the basic bezel base to try to estimate what I needed to do.  Then I made my first try at an enlarged version.  I could tell it was too small by Row 8. So I made a third effort, all the way to the end, with a very thready corner which I found deeply unsettling.

 I thought the third one was good until the last couple bezel rows, and illustrated as I went along.  But I was wrong. 

So, time for a fourth effort.  Which was nice, and fit beautifully!

I created cab sets and allotted a few of each to the four colorways I had designed, and then faced the big dilemma.  There is simply NO WAY to show you the size and scale of what the kit will make, without making a sample in each color, and I already have 5 of these necklaces, and only 15 possible kits to sell.  Hence this long blog post.  I will try to write a more succinct version of this 2020 epic tale to put in each listing, but bottom line, I chose to show the cab and the color over making 4 more samples.

SO...  in a separate blog post to follow, I will show you the cab sets available, which I will post at noon, Saturday the 5th of December, CST, in my Etsy shop.  The new tutorial for the larger bezel will be a freebee if you already own the tutorial, and included with the purchase of the tutorial if you are buying now.  

PLUS there is a final page which explains how you can weave 6 possible rectangle bezels in a range of sizes from the tutorial.  It does NOT diagram them past the third row.  But it is possible, after setting up the framework at the right size, to use the tut to finish the bezel by just paying attention to what happens at the corners. 

Here's the chart of possible bezels.    

"You can increase or decrease the width or length of this bezel by the simple addition or subtraction of 4 beads, 2 on two opposite sides.  I think of these sizes in terms of the number of up beads on a side after Row 3 is woven.  The original bezel is 12 tall by 7 wide, and the XL above is 12 tall x 9 wide.  I’ll make you a little chart for your own use."

Original Bezel 34x20mm 80 beads in Rows 1&2 12 x 7 up beads in Row 3

Possible Bezel 34x22mm 84 beads in Rows 1&2 12 x 8 up beads in Row 3

XL Bezel         34x24mm 88 beads in Rows 1&2 12 x 9 up beads in Row 3

Possible Bezel 36x20mm 84 beads in Rows 1&2 13 x 7 up beads in Row 3

Possible Bezel 36x22mm 88 beads in Rows 1&2 13 x 8 up beads in Row 3

XXL Bezel 36x24mm 92 beads in Rows 1&2 13 x 9 up beads in Row 3

 You might notice there is an XL Bezel size mentioned.  That is because two of the cabs are smaller than the rest.  They are these:

I am not going to list these sets, because I believe the confusion factor will be huge, and I don't want someone buying one of these sets and then not having the exact illustrations they need to make them.  If you have already made this necklace, I think it would not be difficult to make them.  But as a first go, maybe more challenging.  But if you want to try one of them, I will make you a special listing and even give you a little markdown for the effort you will need to spend, choosing how to create your embellishment rows.  There are plenty of beads and rounds to play with.  The designer in you might enjoy that.

OK.  Enough already.  Stay SAFE and HEALTHY!  2020 is almost over, and next year promises to be better!


  1. This is a beautiful necklace. I will have to go to your etsy shop to see all your kits.

  2. Beautiful necklace I will have to go to your etsy shop to see your kits.

    1. Thanks for your kind words! I hope you will stop by and check Haute Ice Beadwork out!