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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Eighty Seventh Birthday Necklace

My mother will be 87 on April 4th, Easter Sunday. She's in good shape. No serious illness, very few medications, lives in her own home, (although my sister lives in the basement) and is generally cheerful when I talk to her. I live over 1000 miles away from her, so don't see her more than once a year, and I never know what to get her on gift giving occasions. She claims there is nothing she needs, which I can understand. But she does seem to like the beadweavings I have done for her in the past. And my sister gave me a couple cabochons for Christmas, and mentioned that Mom was especially partial to one of them. So, I spent this week making her an eighty seventh birthday necklace.

I have no idea what this stone might be. It's not something I would have chosen, but I was happy to know she liked it, and bezeled it in cylinders, and then added a second layer of seed beads. Then I fringed it, modeling it after a piece in my Etsy shop called "Marigold Glade." She is not one to go out much anymore, except to church on Sunday morning, Church Circle and Bible Study groups, and to visit her 90 year old sister, but I hope she will find at least a few opportunities to wear it. She is not technologically savvy, so I am quite sure she will not see this post, but if you do, Mom, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. You are a wonderful parent, and beautiful of soul and spirit. I love you.  And a huge thank you to my brother Jeff, who provided this photo of my mom in her 87th Birthday Necklace!