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Thursday, April 21, 2022

Meet Mint!

 In my quest for replacement parts for Pineapple Blossom Necklace Kits, I stumbled across a source for some "S" Fancy Stones in colors I had not used before.  So, presented with an opportunity, I ordered some samples and jumped right in!  I hope you'll like the results!  Meet Mint!

I have to admit, I started here because I found a new sweater at the Soft Surroundings sale rack, in one of my favorite colors.  The color I thought (as a very young teen) all my bridesmaids would wear at some big church wedding.  SO I did tilt this piece toward cool summer icy blue greens, and that sweater.  Plus a closet full of other things I love. That is the new sweater, top and center.

My first efforts with Pineapple Blossom mostly were about the interplay between shiny metallic dark Toho Demi beads and their soft Semi-Glazed bead colors, plus the Sueded Gold and other matte Czech rounds.  I gradually used lighter metallics with the mattes, and this time, I have all-out, unabashed dazzle.  I loved the many colors in the Swarovski jewel, and teamed it with Toho Perma-finish metallics.

I used the beads in a gradation in the bezel itself, and mixed them together to use randomly in the rope.  I think my gradation is so subtle it's almost irrelevant, but I enjoyed doing it, so in the kit, the colors are separate.  YOU can decide when to mix them, or not.  

I ran short of the Czech beads for the last of my kits, so created a kit without a sample piece.  It will use Baby Blue Czech Pearls, instead of the Sueded Gold Light Teal in this version.  There is just the one.  And you have to gamble.  But I think it will be luscious.  If no one wants it, I get it for myself, lol! 

Here's a little idea of how it might look...

I think the pearl finish works really nicely with the metallics!  And blends nicely with the color mix.

So, the new kits will be live in my Etsy shop at noon this Sunday, April 24th.  There are 6 of the Mint, plus the one Baby Blue and I will put them all in one Mint listing, with the Baby Blue as a color choice.  

It's been quite a chilly spring in Minnesota, but there have been a couple "sweater only" days.  Guess which one I wore???  

Hoping your Spring has rainbows, and robin eggs, and a little sprouting fresh mint.  

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

New Colors for Caramel's Claws Necklace in Progress, but FIRST...

 I went to the local Gem and Lapidary Workers show last week and found some nice bits of stone to re-kit some old favorites.  But first, I have two of the stones from the original Blueberry edition that I never kitted.  This is the version with the chocolate ambience.  Here's a reminder of the colorway.

Below are the two new stones.  I like to be able to have a place here on my blog to show both sides of the stone, because either could be chosen to be the front.  

Minor pitting with nice over all color and an interesting dark vein.

Some larger pits, but with a little drusy sparkle inside, and exciting veining throughout.

And these are the new acorn beads.  The originals are no longer available.

They are translucent and a little less teal, and more aqua.  They seem nice with these stones.

These are kitted with the chocolate coppery browns shown above.

They will be in my shop tomorrow morning, April 14th.   

BUT!!!  I have another set of coming, with a hematite bezel and dark grey accents, and making use of the matte stones, which are vibrant and luscious.  SO, know there are more Blueberries on their way in the next couple weeks, depending on supply shopping and shipping times.  And if you already have a chocolate version, you might want to wait for the hematite.  Stay tuned!

Happy Spring and a Joyful Easter or Passover or Ramadan, 
or whatever you celebrate when the earth begins to re-awaken from Winter's slumber.