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Friday, June 24, 2022

Caramel Goes Boating!

I am racing to get the kits for this colorway done for a Saturday, June 25th noon CST release!

 It's Caramel's Claws for the summer.  I think it has a nautical feel, but it also resonates with Independence Day, so I am trying to work FAST, so that you could possibly wear it on the 4th.  OR, if not, for any of the patriotic holidays, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Veteran's Day... you name it.  Or just anytime you are feeling "nautical"!

I found these pretty Dyed Impression Jasper cabs at the local Gem and Lapidary Workers Show, from Dakota Stones.  They have a bit of a Lapis feel, but the patterning looks both a bit watery, and like the smokey night sky at a fireworks display.  I have used Czech Fire Polish to give it a festive sparkle, and some bright silver Toho Permanent Finish Galvanized, along with some #713 Aikos, which have a real silver metal coating.  Those Aikos explain the slightly higher cost of this kit, along with the Czech bling.

I also adjusted the beads in the yoke just a bit, to get a striped red and white effect, and that's pretty fun and an easy adaptation.  And I used deep cobalt beads to edge the bezel face, which makes the little picots stand out and be noticed, almost like tiny explosions.

Here are the adaptations, just FYI.  I have to get back to kitting, but will add pictures of the 9 available cabochons by the end of the day.

As always, your kit will come with a charts and text to help you navigate the small adjustments.

Here's the acorn bead placement, worked around a 12mm Czech Firepolish bead.

And here's the bezel bead placement, broken out by row.  I got a little stripe in there, see it?  I'll add a bead key to both diagrams for you too.

Cabochon Images Below!!

I just don't have time to comment on each one right now, but are are good quality.  I am particularly fond of the lightning bolt (B), and F for its drama, but any of the tamer, more evenly patterned ones would feature the picot explosions of the inner bezel edge.  

OH!  And so you won't think I am making up the Squirrel goes boating thing,
I want to introduce you to