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Wednesday, February 2, 2022

When People Use my Tutorials, and Add Their Own Personality and Skills

 Susan contacted me when she could not find her download of one of my tutorials.  We had a nice chat, and she went on to buy a Summer Fruit kit in the Grapefruit color.  I know orange tones are not everyone's favorite, but she assured me she loved color and proved it when she finished her focal.  She swore she had the wardrobe to work with it, and she DID!  I love this fabric!  It was her gentle nudge that reminded me I had the materials to re-kit Summer Fruit.  That was a good thing!

I was enthusiastic about her costuming, so she shared a Fall Flame necklace she had made, with coordinating earrings.  

   I think those earrings are inspired, and I also love what she did with the bead caps before the clasps!

Then she sent me an image of her Fuchsia Pineapple Blossom Necklace, again, with earrings she created with leftover kit beads and some rivoli's she "happened" to have on hand.  Don't we all have stuff like that??

I love how she adapted my pattern to create the rivoli edges for her earrings!  
And again, an interesting bead cap and clasp variation!

And finally she had asked if I could put together a Green Frond kit for Pineapple Blossom, and of course, I had most of the materials, except for the Swarovski, which of course was no where to be found in quantity.  So she made up her own, similar colorway and again, matching earrings.

It's really rewarding to see my patterns made up, and added to, by my sweet customers!  

Thanks Susan, for sharing your ingenuity with me!  And letting me share on my blog!!

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