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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Spark and Blaze

Why am I creating new colorways and kits for older projects?

Because my Fall Flame rope was included in the 13th edition of "Creative Beading" from Kalmbach.  I have been meaning to have kits available for every project in my Etsy shop, and this seemed like a nice opportunity.  (Yep, that is a preview of one of my hubbies beautiful new art tables too!)

So there are two newbies!

I've been wearing Spark on white shirts for the last few days and I just love it.  I had originally named  it "Inferno", but although it is metallic and shines like crazy, it has this summery softness that I just adore.  So, "Inferno" was somehow just too much for it, and I devolved the name to Spark.  We are both happier, LOL.

Eight kits are available in my Etsy shop here:  (oops, they sold out, but I will have more next weekend!)

While I worked on these new colorways, I also re-colored all the leaf illustrations in the tutorial, to move the colors further apart visually from each other, and make the diagrams easier to read at a glance.  If you have purchased this tutorial, and want the new version, you should be able to get that from your Etsy receipt. If not, convo me and I can e-mail you a copy. If you are just now buying the pattern, the updates are included, along with the materials lists for both new colorways.  Find it here:

Which brings up the other new colorway!  Meet "Blaze".

I have not worn "Blaze" yet, because it just screams AUTUMN.  I want to wear it with black corduroy, and tweedy wool.  It's July, and hot outside, but in a couple months, I know this will be my go-to piece.  Find this kit here:

While I was at it, I re-kitted my favorite from the original group of colorways, "Psychedelic Scarab".  For me, this one is a year-round piece and I hope you will find a general purpose place for it in your wardrobe too.

The colors came from the pretty little Swarovski Scarab bead that sits on the bail.  I think it looks both the iridescent beetle and peacock-esque, and I love it with all deep cool colors.

You can find it here:

HUGE thanks to my sweet friend Ann, who came to help me label and fill baggies for this project in the midst of preparing for the Minneapolis Master Gardener Learning Garden Tour, which I am going to see this morning.  She was cool as a cucumber with this big event approaching and is always a huge help to my kitting process.

If you are a Minneapolitan, here is a link to the event taking place TODAY!  
Maybe I'll see you in a beautiful garden!

I promise to ship kits as soon as I get home.  :)

I have not forgotten I promised a new video with Bead Embroidery tips and techniques, and that is up next along with a new set of bags...
Plus a beautiful new Fall Jasper piece and a Holiday Rose Bud necklace, coming soon.