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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Will It Be?

I was going to call this post, "What Will it Be" but that's not the right question. Here's a peek, from about a week ago. As you can see, based on the number of empty delica tubes, it's a fairly ambitious project, and I would say this is a representation of maybe 1/4th of completion. Fortunately, my favorite bead store decided to eliminate some of their delica stock,
and so were selling their discontinued colors for $1 a tube. This was fantastic for me! I bought all the tubes of this color they had, and am hoping it will be sufficient. Anyone want to hazard a guess as to what this is trying to be?

I'll provide a hint. It's for a contest. So it is for a purpose, other than making something I think might sell in my Etsy shop. Actually, I think only a collector of beadwoven art might purchase this item, so selling is really not a motivation for this piece.

So here's another quick snapshot, from a few days ago. Does it focus your estimating? I'm not convinced that this will stay as is, but this new section is behaving at least somewhat as I hoped it would, unlike the bit I did last night, which will need to be ripped out for sure. Hence, no photo of that section, although it might be descriptive...

Place your bets ladies. The project needs to be done by September 22nd, so I have a month to fool around with it. I'll keep you posted. I am hoping my energy stays focused on finising this little number, and I thought maybe telling you about it would encourage a bit of responsibility. Thanks for taking a peek, and helping me hold myself accountable. Feel free to post a guess, if you have one!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Into the Gallery and Beyond

Monday, August 3rd, I loaded my beadwork into my Saturn Vue for delivery to Your Art's Desire Gallery in Minnetonka. When I started my car, the William Tell Overture on Minnesota Public Radio underscored my feelings perfectly. I felt like I was charging joyfully headfirst into uncharted territory.

I began this journey in April with a visit to the gallery. I had visited previously, but saw it from a different perspective as a potential consignee. They specialize in local artists, and demonstrate a respect for the work, while creating a very accessible and unpretentious atmosphere. The jewelry artist (usually only one at a time) has an open display area, as opposed to being behind glass, which I thought was important for beadweaving, due to its tactile nature. And right above the jewelry display, there is a BIG mirror, another of the things I value. A personalized and private approach to buying art is possible in this gallery, and I think the process of choosing adornment to wear around your neck is a very personal one. On my visit, a client was picking up a painting she had purchased from, and had framed by, the gallery. She was very pleased with the results, and I liked how she was treated. The place felt good to me.

I then sent an e-mail, including some images of my work, suggesting I would like to meet to explore the possibility of the gallery showing my beadweaving. I didn't hear back. A couple weeks passed. I was really busy with my day job at the time, and not thinking all that clearly, but eventually, I decided, "I will not be so easily put off. I will make a phone call to see if they got my e-mail." They had indeed. Foolish me. I mentioned in the e-mail that I would phone in a few days to discuss a possbile interview, but I had forgotten this entirely. They were very kind about my inability to understand what I had written, and offered to view my work, but they were not particularly encouraging. Melissa, co-owner of the gallery with husband Ken, said they had shown beadweaving in the past, but had not had good success with selling the work.

I arrived for our interview, nervous and excited to show what I had brought, and found Melissa to be kind, knowledgeable, encouraging, and best of all, excited by my work. She enthusiastically agreed to show it beginning in August. I feared I would burst into tears at one point (I was so completely overwhelmed and filled with joy!) near the end of the interview, but managed to keep my head, which was swelling. I had to turn it sideways to get it out the door, and work really hard to keep my feet on the pavement on the way to my car.

So, here it is, August, and I am a
featured artist at the Your Art's Desire Gallery. Please visit when you are in the neighborhood. Have a coffee at the shop next door, buy an art card or two, and try on my jewelry if you like. Or visit online at :
You can read about me and the other featured artists at the News and Events tab, under Current Exhibition. I hope you'll enjoy your visit as much as I am enjoying the experience.