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Friday, September 27, 2019

Dreamscape Dragon Kits Re-Stocked

This is my favorite October necklace.  I love to wear it on matte black.  I have this one great chiffon blouse... and a few matte black sweaters.

It just seems to me to be all the beautiful colors of the leaves and Halloween images and sunsets.  That Crystal Astral Pink crystal really sings.  Yum!

I had 6 of the crystals in my stash, and these kits have been out of stock for ages, so I made up what I had.

Find the Tutorial here:

Find the Kit here:

I am still recovering from my push to get out my Summer Fruit series and will probably do a little more re-kitting for this year, before I make decisions about 2020.

Hoping you all are having a glorious, and colorful Autumn!

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

A One Day Only Birthday Celebration Sale

July 24th is my 66th birthday.  Yesterday, I went in for my every-two-year Bone Density Scan to find all my T-scores no worse than 2 years ago, and my lumbar spine density improved!  In my almost 20 years of scans, this is exceptionally good news.  I believe I can credit my exercise and weight lifting program, begun in January.

SO in celebration of my birthday, and improved health, I am offering 15% off everything in my shop, and free shipping on all orders over $35, in a real way, not in the I'll-just-mark-up-the-prices-to-cover-shipping way.  I do not have anything to new to offer, but there are many things in carts, and if one of them belongs to you, take this opportunity to help me celebrate and get yourself a little deal on what you want!

Find me at Haute Ice Beadwork, and thank you for all your support and purchases in the past!  You all mean so much to me.

Sale begins my time at midnight and runs 24 hours only.  

Friday, July 12, 2019

Summer Fruit Accessories

Have you begun your Summer Fruit?  Have you realized that assembling kits that allow you to make any version of the necklace you want leaves you with some leftover beads?  Here are some suggestions as to what to do with those extra beads.

Make Accessories!

I put photos of a few pairs of earrings in the tutorial, and because you are clever advanced beaders, I even included fishhooks and headpins for simple earrings, because I know you know how to use the information you have to create what I showed you.

This week I am putting together a final set of kits and have knocked together three bracelets that offer ideas as to how you might use up some of those extra beads, if you have them.  It all depends on how long you made your necklace, and which variation you weave, but even these examples have possible variations.

This first bracelet is a simple combination of two sets of Curled Squares.  But if you do not have the beads for two sets of squares, one set would also be nice.  You could join them tip to tip, or end to end and string either a single or double strand, depending on your join.

I do love that the internal 6mm rounds are visible because of the tight circle around your wrist and the pretty curled edges come into view.

Next, I have a simple strung bracelet, that echos the yoke stringing on the necklace.

You may not have as many 8mm rounds as I used, but feel free to use any and all of the accent beads, and any and all remaining rounds of any size. Or ANY of the leftovers, although I am not a big fan of strung cylinders, but hey, it's YOUR bracelet!  I liked the double strand, but it could just as easily be single, thereby stretching the available beads.

 And here is a reminder that the earring could contain a Curled Square, facing either downward, as shown below, or upward, as shown above with the Pineapple set.

One final possibility involves buying an extra focal bead.  

 My hubby is an Antiques Roadshow junkie and I recently sat with him for an episode taped in California and featuring lots of very expensive jewelry.  I was shocked to hear the expert state clearly that although one lovely item was certainly a Van Cleef and Arpels antique, it had been "Messed With" when a bracelet was created from a pendant and "Ruined" when the focal was placed the "Wrong Way".  By that he meant that the oval focal was placed with its length running around the wrist, instead of lengthwise up and down the arm. Humph!  Let me assure you, the right way is the way you prefer to align the focal.  The way your wrist and hand look great, and are comfortable when the bracelet is worn.  I let the nice man get in my head, and aligned it the "right way" (elongated extension, running up and down the arm) just for him, I guess.  But believe me when I tell you that you may use your focal with either bezel extension, and you may align it whatever way you prefer.

I also chose to make up two Curled Squares to bracket the focal.  Notice that I made my connection to the connector row in the bezel, instead of the tips of the extension.  I preferred how it felt a bit less floppy on my wrist when supported from the base near my skin, but this is again, a decision for you to make, and you may certainly do whatever floats your personal boat.  I have teensy wrists, and rarely wear or enjoy bracelets, but this one feels nice to me.

If you want to make this version of the bracelet, I suggest shopping for your focal at either Fusion Beads or Art Beads .  At this point, neither has all the colors available, but each has some.  

If you REALLY want me to buy it for you and leather back it, my price per stone would be $15.  You can send me a convo asking for exactly what you need and I will assemble it for you.  Obviously, you can spend much less on the Swarovski Fancy Stone if you do it yourself, but you must also consider the cost of shipping, plus the leather and adhesive you will need for the backing.  I am just offering.  

I also have some extras of every bead, and if you want more than what you have, I will help you figure out what you need and sell it to you by the gram or half gram, or for the larger beads, by the piece.  I'll do a bit of calculating and be prepared to give you a price before you buy, but you would need to convo me for a quote and private listing.

I do not expect the rush of the last two releases, so I am just going to post this final set of kits today, Friday noonish, July 12th.  

I am not sure where I will go from here, beading wise.  I know I need a break. I know that I am prioritizing a more active life than is allowed by bead illustrating and tutorial writing.  But I also really enjoy it.  So... we shall see.  Whatever happens, thank you all for your kind support of my design work, tutorials and kits.  

My birthday arrives soon, and I am planning a one day birthday sale.  Details posted here in a week or so!  

Saturday, June 29, 2019

More Summer Fruit Kits TODAY!

I have two things to communicate today.  

Thing One  -  I have another 12 kits for Summer Fruit available today in my Haute Ice Beadwork Etsy shop.  I will post them at noon, Central Standard Time to be as fair as possible to all interested.

Thing Two  -  If you want a kit, and do not manage to get it (they sold VERY fast last weekend) I can solve that problem.  Just send me an Etsy Convo and let me know what color (or colors) you want and I will order supplies and have another set of kits made up hopefully by next weekend.  I will make your request into a Custom Order, available only to you, and you can purchase at your leisure.  

I don't always do this, but this time, I can and will, but you have to let me know, so I order the right colors of the Swarovski focal.  The kits are $75, due to the Swarovski element (and the leather backing) and many different parts, some of which are a challenge to locate.

SUMMER IS HERE!  Get outside and enjoy it.  And when you get too hot, or have had plenty of vitamin D producing sunshine, go on in and BEAD AWHILE!

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Summer Fruit in the Haute Ice Beadwork Etsy Shop

This project has been a monumental one.  I had no idea how much time and energy it would take to write a tutorial that could create five different variations using the same components.  And then how hard it would be to assemble the unique and beautiful beads needed for them.

My dad worked on Ellis Island during WW2, in supply chain logistics.  If soldiers did not have tents, or food, or ammunition, where and when they needed them, he was responsible.  He was super smart.

In the ordinary world, things just do not always arrive when planned.  I HATE to disappoint, but one of the beads I needed to complete this set of kits did not arrive yesterday, despite my paying an arm, leg, and newborn squirrel to have them speedily delivered.

So I have just 10 kits, five of each color, to sell today. And thanks to Rochelle Jay, INCREDIBLE SAVER OF BEAD DESIGNER BACKSIDES who works at the fantastic Bobby Bead, more supplies are on the way that will allow me to add three more of each color before next weekend.

And then, if there is still interest, I will kit up another 25, so please do not fret!  If you want one, I will do my best to make it available to you, but immediate gratification is not an option.  You may have to wait a week or two.  But I promise, I will get you what you want while it is still summer and the perfect time to wear these beauties.

I do want to explain that I have created each kit to allow the making of ANY of the five different variations.  You may have to do a little tweaking, and use a 6mm instead of an 8mm in some cases, because the exact same colored accent beads are just not available in every color I used.  So I found the best choices possible, and gave you plenty to work with.  I hope you'll enjoy that play and planning.  You may also have enough beads leftover to make earrings or even a bracelet.  Watch my blog for a sample of that in the next week or two.

The tutorial and limited kits will go up in my shop at noon, Central Standard Time today, Sunday the 23rd.  Thanks so much for your patience!

Friday, June 21, 2019

Summer Fruit Available on Sunday June 23

This Tutorial and kit set is a race to the finish for me.  I will post the kits and tutorial in my Etsy shop on Sunday, June 32rd, at noon CST.  Kits will provide beads To make ANY of the 5 variations, so all you need to choose is color.  The tutorial includes components and construction for all 5 variations, plus some earring ideas and a possibly a bracelet for the versions that use less of certain kinds of beads.

I am still awaiting a shipment of some beads, due on Saturday, and I want to be sure I have the right things before I sell anything!  Thanks for your patience!

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Summer Fruit -The Raspberry Variation

This time, beading first, and the health stuff after.

Important information up front!

In "Raspberry" I liked framing the collarbone with the upper folded link set.  Those are pretty bones that deserve a spotlight every so often.  I also rotated the focal piece, and framed it with three folded open warped squares, to elaborate on the Y aspect of the form.

This variation is based on "The Sky is Falling" from last fall.  Here's a quick reminder.  It was the oval focal frame that looked so floral (alliteration unintended, lol) that I most appreciated about this work, and I wanted to write a tut for it.  I got carried away by the myriad possibilities!  I loved the Y-shape of "Sky" and it seems pretty trendy too.  Plus I like the variety of tassels I can include in this series.  I've always liked some movement in my work, but suddenly, it seems even more important.

SO... still planning the release of this tutorial, and set of kits, for around the Summer Solstice, June 21st.  Provided nothing too big gets in the way.  I have adjusted my priorities in my retirement.

Now on to the health stuff. 

I write this blog as much for myself as for you, dear readers. I want to remember the decisions I made here and I find writing helps me to understand how my choices and actions work out for me.  If you find it interesting, forge on. We left off near the end of January, with the purchase of my Apple Watch, in the interest of my osteoporosis prevention and reversal.  

In all fitness heart-monitor type gear, there are rings that visually display activity.  I went with Apple because I my electronic environment is all i... iPhone, iPad, Mac Book Pro, and I like how beautifully they all talk to each other.

Here's an image I find really telling. The 23rd was the day my phone was charged in the Apple Store, ready for sale on the next day.  I bought it in the late afternoon on the 24th.  Every single important thing in my life happens on a 24th, but I did not think about it at the time.

On the 25th, I just wore it, in the interest of a baseline.  For those of you who do not know, the Blue Ring in the center tracks sitting time.  If I am moving for at least a minute during any hour, I fill 1 1/12th of the ring. The watch will prompt movement at ten minutes to the hour, so this was the easiest of the rings to fill, but as you can see, I was not perfect right away. It's pretty easy for me to sit for hours beading or illustrating.  Nothing else in my life is quite that sedentary. I started trying to get that ring filled daily.

The Green Ring tracks exercise.  Apple defines that as my heart beat moving into the target exercise range for my age and staying there for at least a minute.  I can report various kinds of exercise, but if my heart does not confirm it, it does not register.  I can also park at the back of the lot and walk to the grocery store briskly and a minute of exercise records without my reporting it to the watch.  It just knows what I did by my heart rate, and the built in GPS.

My watch wanted me to exercise at least 30 minutes a day in my target range.  Sheesh.  SO on the 27th, I put on my coat, hat, mittens, thermal underwear, and boots, and walked at a pace that got my heart rate up, until I filled the exercise ring.  At that point, I realized I needed a better place to walk, preferably with no ice.  But jeepers.  It seemed like a big time commitment, to drive somewhere, in addition to the time spent walking...

So I started hunting for indoor places to walk that were close to me.  I tried a local HUGE BOX hardware store on the 30th, walking up and down aisles as fast as I could without being annoying.  I filled the ring, but still needed a better place.

Next, I became a mall walker.  Ridgedale Mall is quite close to me, but there is nowhere to remove a coat or change shoes.  So I drove to the mall, left my coat, hat, etc. in the car, and dashed through the cold to the nearest door, and walked.  I began to develop some consistency, but still put work deadlines and personal issues ahead of exercise.  Better, but no perfection, although there was the one week...  Here's a peek at my February.

With the next Summer Fruit variation, I'll explain my March, in which the Red Ring is a factor,  I find my gym, re-discover old injuries, and meet Adonis and Weight Training.