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Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Weed and the War Chest

This may not be about what you are thinking!  If "weed" to you means reefer, Mary Jane.. any of THOSE things, you are wrong. 

This is an actual weed.  I plucked it last fall from the marsh by my house, because I found both it's beauty and humbleness astonishing.  It has faded a little, (those little seed heads were a much more luminous pale, clear green) and may have collected a little dust, but the elegance of the little blossoms and the bronzy glory of the twisted leaves has not changed.  And I wish I could show it to you as it looked when I collected it, with the sparkling blues of the pond and sky behind it.  I often either take pictures of, or collect things I find inspiring. Since this has managed to survive the entire winter in one piece, I believe some aspect of it will possibly end up in my Battle of the Beadsmith work this year.  At this point, you may be thinking I have been into the other sort of weed after all!

This will be my second year of Battle of the Beadsmith, and I really enjoyed last years event, despite my personal grief.  About half way through my process, my mother passed away. Her death changed my work entirely, and it became a memorial to her.  You can read about it here if you like.  But I'll remind you too...

I am super proud of the fact that my "Missing" made it into the third round, placing it in the top 25% of entries. The "sweet sixteen" to use Steven's analogy.  And I am very happy to have the opportunity to participate again this year in the 2013 Battle.

Last year I talked about what I might do for my battle piece here on my blog.  Not this year.  Because I have no sketch, and no specific image in mind.  I do have inspiration, ideas, and I have a war chest, which I have been filling since last fall when I picked up the weed.

So, some of those bits and bobs, and maybe some from the OTHER layers of the chest, will end up in my battle piece 2013.

I am going to enjoy the ride.  And THANK YOU Steven Weiss, (of Beadsmith fame!) for concieving of this wonderful event, and managing to herd 192 artists through their paces.  I think it must be very much like herding cats!  If you would like to watch the battle, just let me know and I or Steven can add you to the group on facebook!