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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Blue Sage Caramel's Claws

When I was at Dakota Stones shopping for focals, the Red Creek Jasper had a very different look than previously, with very little copper, ochre or olive, but I did find some nice pieces that work well with the Sage colorway.  I am sharing those focals here, because I can provide larger, clearer images than in my Etsy listings.

These particular stone beads are mostly usable on both sides and some are completely different on each side, a bonus for you.  You can choose your preference, based on your own wardrobe needs, or just fall in love with one side or the other.  I show you both sides of each piece below!  There are just 8 of these kits.

Here goes:

A lighter side (with a few silvery clouds in the sky) and a darker side!

In this case, both sides are very similar.
The first side mostly dark (nice bezel contrast), with a second side that has interesting landscape color and markings.
These two sides are totally different.  The first is similar in color to my sample, kind of khaki,
and the second side is deep teal and midnight dark.

Both sides have a little patterning, the first more, and the second a little less, It has a small, flat spot on the upper right edge at the back side, but im my experience, it would not affect the bezel shape.

Both sides have a little fiery patterning, and remind me of the sky above a forest fire at night.

Beautiful patterning on both sides of this bead, the first bold and the second more soft.

This final focal bead is soft and pale, very sky-like to me.  An almost perfect match for the bezel beads.
I really like the range of options here.  Choosing a dark or contrasting focal means the bezel is a featured bit in your composition. Selecting a lighter bead means the piece becomes more an organic whole.  Both can be lovely!

Available in my Etsy Shop on Saturday, October 13th, around noon CST.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Red Porcelain Jasper

I have had a quiet week after my South Dakota Black Hills vacation.  It really put me in mind of Autumn, seeing the beautiful colors and feeling the nip in the air.

I have had some requests for more Caramel's Claws kits, and bought some more of the oval beads that serve as the focal.  I found a Jasper suited to a Pomegranate colorway, and want to finish off the last bundles of acorn melon beads, so I made up a sample, and liked it.

The Pomegranate melon bead is translucent, very much like a pomegranate seed.  The Red Porcelain Jasper is sometimes brick, sometimes burgundy red.  The stone reminded me of a favorite pair of red suede boots that are so neutral I can manage to wear almost any red with them.

I chose the most brick-like color for my sample, as always, trying to save the very best focals for you. I cannot get the color to display quite exactly as it is, REDS ARE HARD FOR ME TO GET PHOTOGRAPHICALLY PERFECT! so let me just say these are redder than brown for sure.  Here is the new Pomegranate, (with it's brick focal) next to the original bronzy-brown Cinnamon colorway.

Taking all of the ovals into consideration, I designed a pretty neutral red frame and neckstrap. Some of them have quite a bit of creamy pattern, some are mostly red, and some, mostly porcelain, which I think would look spectacular displayed in this red frame on a winter white sweater.  So without further ado...

Dark with subtle shading

Smooth and deeply colored

A bit of landscape patterning.

Dark with a lighter marking.

This focal bead is Apple Jasper, a slightly more true red with woodgrain markings.  A thinner bead which will display a bit more of the bezel against the surface of the focal.

Interesting markings nicely placed.

I love the landscape rock look of this piece.

Reminds me of Picasso cubism.

Deep burgundy wine hints, and lots of creamy softness.

For some reason, this one reminds me of a calico cat!

Neutral beige with hints of grey and cream.  Reminds me of marble.

Love this one!  If no one claims it, I will make it up for myself! Porcelain indeed.

Having beads set aside for (or left over from) a kit project sitting around in my stash does no one any good.  So this week I am working on getting what I have into kits that you can use.  I know some of you already own more than one colorway of this design.  Please do not feel obligated to make a purchase.  Some of my clients are SO supportive, and I truly appreciate you all!  I''ll put these, and whatever else I manage to get kitted this week, in my Etsy shop on Saturday around noon CST.

I am working on a new icy, wintery piece featuring mother of pearl for you.  I have a final dancewear project to finish first, and the holidays to prepare for and enjoy, but please, know it's coming!