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Friday, December 4, 2020

Preview of all the New Vintage Jasper Cabochon Sets, in size XXL!

I have new cabochon sets for the Vintage Jasper Necklace!

 They will post to my Haute Ice Beadwork Etsy shop on Saturday the 5th of December 2020.

First a quick explanation.  These rectangular cabs are both longer and wider than previously.  It's how they arrived from my supplier, Intrinsic Trading.  I have made an additional tutorial for the larger bezel required, and am giving it to those who already own the tutorial.  Just send me a convo on Etsy so I can look up your purchase, and include your preferred email address.  If you purchase the tutorial from this point forward, the larger bezel instructions are included.

Here is an original necklace, next to my new sample so you can see the size difference.

Now, on to the yummy new Red Creek Jasper cabochon sets! If you like the soft pink in my sample, there is a similar set in the Antique Silver group. So we'll start there!

4 Heirloom Silver Kits

Love the energy in this set! Forest, gold, and taupes.


Blush-y, with bits of green and gold.

Almost raspberry, with taupe, and dark fracture lines.  
I gave this kit a Rainbow Burnt Sienna bead to hint at the warmth in the chain.

The other pink one.  I gave it a coral Rainbow Orange Sunset bead for warmth in the chain.

3+ Antique Bronze Kits

Mostly gold with soft greens and some red details. Uplifting!

Another one with so much energy!  Mostly gold with green and red accents. Symphony of neutrals.

Burgundy and gold symphony.  Especially nice barrel cabs.

This kit needs a smaller, XL shorter bezel that is not illustrated past Row 3.  If you are experienced with bezels, and want to try it with the guidance given in the tutorial, I will list it just for you. 
Let me know through Etsy Convo.

3+ Verdigris Kits

Light and dark greens, with a lovely red and gold edge.  More really nice barrel cabs.

Awesome red speckle pattern on a mostly green surface.  Hints of gold.

Taupe with speckles and fracture lines in dark grey.  Sunset barrel cabs.

This is the other smaller XL cab.  
If you love its blush sliding into mossy green, let's talk via Etsy Convo.

3 Copper Patina Kits

Yummy warmth with some forest green and gold accents.  Nice set of barrel cabs too.

All the wonderful colors of Cherry Creek Jasper in one stone!  Nice deep red edges.

Rich and deep coppery colors, with gold accents.

OK!  That is the parade of Jasper.  Hoping you enjoyed it, and wishing you a Safe and Happy end to this year of mayhem!