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Thursday, October 29, 2020

A Purplish Day

  I have spent this week replenishing some of the kits that have sold out in my Etsy shop.  First, there is the popular Fuchsia kit for Pineapple Blossom necklace.  It really is elegant.  I've worn it twice this week and it's only Thursday.  

I also finally got the focal jewels for the Orchid Mist kits and got them listed too.

What a different feel the two necklaces have!

Since I was in Purple land, I also finished up a few more Grape kits for Caramel's Claws, using a new acorn bead.  The silver one is just no longer available, so I have found a pretty good substitute and am happy with the result.  

I think the lavender references the strung purple beads in the yoke nicely.

I am putting the focal bead images from that listing here, so you can have a closeup look.

A is evenly mottled with light and dark purples, only very minor pitting.

B has lots of lighter color, with minor pitting near the edges.  I like the concentric lines.

C has especially nicely arranged color, lighter at the center, and darker at the edges.  Quite smooth.

D has really interesting markings and the two sides are quite different, giving you a nice option.  One small nick on a long edge will be covered by the bezel.

I don't know what happened to the other image of E!  It has deep rich color with flashes of light.

I have to paint the dragons for Paradise Dragon Necklace tomorrow, and should get them listed sometime tomorrow, with a little luck and stamina!  Still in the Purple theme!

Thank you so much for keeping my busy during these crazy times.  
Stay SAFE, and GO AND VOTE!!!

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