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Friday, May 27, 2022

More Peppermint and Spearmint Kits

I have a dozen kits to list tomorrow, Saturday May 28th, at 10 am CDT in my Etsy shop.  Eight are the bluer Peppermint, and four are the greener Spearmint.  I do have two previous requests to fill first, so there may only be 10, and only time will tell.

No sales to offer this time, and sadly, I will need to do a small price increase on all kits in the near future to reflect the cost increases in both materials, and Etsy fees. But for now the prices are the same as before.  Grab them now if you want them!

My garden really needs me, so I will pause a bit to catch up outside and then will have MAYBE a new 4th of July project I have been working on.  It just depends on how many weeds, and how many seeds...

Isn't it interesting that both my beloved pastimes require seeds???  

Enjoy the LONG WEEKEND, or in my case, WEEDEND!


Friday, May 20, 2022

Raspberry Caramel's Claws


First I'll show you the oval stone focals for the LIGHTER GRAY BEZEL.

And then, the oval stone focals for the DARKER GRAY BEZEL

As you can see below, I have done a different bezel treatment for the darker stones, using a deep fuchsia 15/0 bead for the detailing on the bezel points.  I did a similar detail in the light bezel, including both the deep fuchsia and the French Pink.  All the stones contain both colors, in varying degrees.

 If you have made the design before, you will see that I have included an additional 15/0 bead in Step 15 where usually there is a skip.  I was just in love with the color pop, and you can choose to add or skip as you prefer.  Here's a chart for the two points, which I am also including on an info sheet in each kit.
I also have fiddled with the acorn itself, to get a color balance that I find appealing for each acorn, and here is that chart.  You will use the same thread path for ANY of my acorn patterns, only the bead size and color placement is different.  This chart is also included in each kit, with a key chart for the beads as well.  

I almost feel like I should apologize for these little changes, but I believe they are what maximizes the potential of the colorway, and I hope you can appreciate that although they are fussy, they have value. And of course, you don't have to take my advice.  Bead what makes you happy!

Finally, the 12mm wood bead used for the acorn has a BIG hole and our little beads wanted to slide into it, so the hole has been made smaller with a little nylon tube.  Most of them fit tightly, but just be sure you don't loose that valuable little addition.  

OK!  So I'll get back to finalizing my kits, so they can appear in my shop on Sunday!  

OH!  And....  More Mint jewels are arriving tomorrow, so hopefully those can be re-kitted next!

Saturday, May 14, 2022

More Mint. Actually TWO kinds of Mint!



PEPPERMINT contains the same Laguna Delite fancy stone as the original Mint, and all the supporting beads are the same, except for the accent beads around the bezel.  They are now Czech Pearls, which are match the shiny surface of the seed beads, and are substantially easier to locate. 

SPEARMINT is the original Mint, with a new fancy stone, Silky Sage Delite, which is just slightly more green than the Laguna.  Spearmint uses the original accent beads, also Czech, which are matte, and have a nice contrast with the shiny galvanized seed beads.  

So, mostly the same, but slightly different.  I was worried that the sweater I designed this colorway around would not work with the Peppermint version.  I was totally wrong.

The green-mint sweater was happy to be seen with either version of the necklace.  But the turquoise denim jacket mildly preferred the bluer Peppermint version.  I totally know how hard this is to see in a photo, because the color is so dependent on light, angle of view, and context.  But you could take my word for it if you chose.  

In any case, I am faced with a conundrum.  Which version should I make more of?  

I do have a waiting list for the original mint, and I am sending out convo's to all those on the list today.  If they want the original, I have one, so I will send my notifications in the order they were received, trying to be fair to all.  

Then, I will post what's left in my Etsy shop.  If you have an opinion, even if you do not intend to buy a kit, I'd be interested in hearing it, either here in a comment, via Etsy convo, or on my Haute Ice Beadwork Facebook page.  

So I'm off to start notifying my waiting list!  And contemplate what I should be ordering for the next set of kits.  

OH!!!  And coming next week, a pretty new colorway for Caramel's Claws!  This is Raspberry.

Same problem though, although a good one to have. I am torn between the lighter and darker bezel.  And I have two different acorn bead arrangements.  SO...  for now, I'll make half in the lighter bezel and half in the darker.  And purchasing interest will help me decide how to make the next set. 

Friday, May 13, 2022

MORE Blueberries!!

The last two sets of kits I posted sold pretty fast, so I have re-kitted both to serve my reserve list and add hopefully a few to my stock.  This blog post has images of the Blueberry Caramel's Claws necklace.

I will contact you if you are on my reserve list, and do my best to see that you get a kit before they go live, sometime this weekend.  I'll update to an actual posting time for this weekend by the end of the today, Friday the 13th of May.

So here are the Blueberry Caramels' Claws kits.  One was from the first posting and the other four are new.  

A was in the last batch, and has some slight pitting, but nice light aqua color.

B has some dramatic patterning with a little light and lots of dark blues.  Both sides quite interesting!

C is very soft and a has some neutral color, along with lots of the lighter blue.  Amoeboid!

D has lots of the paler blue, and looks like a water depth chart to me, with maybe sandbars.  :)

E has substantial taupe neutral color, which I think nicely justifies the copper bezel. 

I'll keep you posted about when these will go live in my shop here, and on my Facebook pages.