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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Rose Gold Caramel's Claws

I have a rose gold phone.  I have a rose gold wallet.  I have a rose gold cardigan sweater. (There is one in every shop at the mall, I swear!)  So I needed a rose gold necklace.  I thought you might like one too.

I also admit, I did this because I wanted to make video support for this design.  So I filmed as I worked the sample.  I have not yet finished the editing.  So maybe, one day, I will do that.  But to be honest with you, I just want to bead, and I have a couple designs begun that are calling my name.  REALLY LOUDLY!

But I do love this necklace. I especially love how the contrast between the matte onyx focal bead and the vibrant rose gold makes the shape of the bezel edge pop!

In the process of designing this colorway, I also designed an acorn cover for a 12mm round bead.  I remember when I published this tutorial, there were questions about whether it would work with a 14mm round, and it did.  But I could not find a 14mm round matte onyx that I liked, and there are no black 14mm Melon beads.  So I re-designed the acorn cap for any 12mm round bead.  It's different enough that it requires new illustrations and instructions.  I really like the earrings because my face is small.  :)

If you own the tutorial for the Caramel's Acorn, or for the Caramels Claws Necklace with Acorn Component, I have added this new tutorial to my Etsy listing and you should be able to download it from your purchase receipt.  I'll include some specific instructions at the end of this post.  :)  Because those 14mm Melon beads will not be available forever. :(

I feel I should apologize for my fuzzy-edged photos.  My camera is glitching, and keeps re-setting itself to tiny Fstops at random, and I seem unable to remember to reset for each photo, so off it goes to the repair shop this week!

In the mean time, I am packing kits, to ship tomorrow and the new kit is in my Etsy shop at this link. 

Lots of parts in this one!  20 different baggies, (some inside others) and an insert to boot!

But it all goes fast when you are dressed for the job.  

And when I am done, I get to go the Gem and Lapidary Workers Show.  I'll stop at the Post Office on the way, with the orders to date.  I listed last night and co-incidentally one of my favorite buyers checked my shop, knowing I list on Saturdays and bought it immediately.  The little cash register noise from my phone nearly scared me off my chair.  But today I am prepared!

If you have purchased the Caramel's Acorns tutorial previously, and would like the 12mm Adaptation, just send me an Etsy Convo from your purchase receipt, and I will send it along to you, at no additional charge.  If you are just purchasing the tutorial, the 12mm adaptation is included in the available downloads.  :)