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Monday, April 5, 2021

Some Butterflies!

Have a few kits for my various butterfly beadwork.  One of my buyers requested the Eostre Spiral Butterfly kit, so it is back in stock.  It has lovely Spring colors and a pretty hand-painted butterfly pendant.  You can find that kit by clicking HERE.  

The tutorial is right next door in my Etsy shop.

Here are a couple detail shots.  I especially like the Spiral Chenille stitch with the inserted scales.

And I love the lavender leather backing for the jewel.

AND... the hand-painted pendant.  

I found three gold Butterfly Bags that I had not sold while cleaning.  I started on a new applique, but while hunting for beads, I found a kit for the Pearl Monarch bag for which had never written a tutorial.  SO, rather than just toss that kit, I wrote a tutorial.  One of the gold bags got a Monarch applique, and is ready to ship, with the kit. Find the kit HERE.  Actually, it sold out really fast....  

 And the tutorial is HERE.  Here's the final chart, so you can get a feel for the process.

And I also found a complete Sunset Butterflies Kit.  So the second bag got the appropriate appliques and is also ready to fly to you for finishing.  Find the kit HERE.  And the tutorial HERE.

And here's what the beads and colors look like.  I love this little bag.

And that third gold bag... Well, before I looked for kitting beads, I hunted down a different applique and made a new bag, carefully taking photos, thinking it would be the one I was writing up as a tutorial.   Now, I guess I just have a new bag, as I cannot find any more of this gold silk.  

But I did find the green silk bags I had started eons ago.  So maybe those are up next.