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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

How Beaders Use My Patterns Fascinates Me!

I am really fascinated by the things people like to do to my Fall Flame leaf pattern.  Judy set out on a real learning mission and asked a lot of questions along the way.  It's fun for me to be able to talk all bead nerdy with someone else who actually cares about that I am blabbering on about.

Judy wanted to shape her leaf differently and give it an additional vein and a more complex edge.  

I believe the darker leaf has just the two veins that my Sugar maple model had.  

But in her lighter red leaf, she added a third vein to each side of the leaf, and a much more complex edge.  I know she found it challenging to make the two sides match.  Trying to record and draw what you did the first time to replicate the second side is challenging!

I know there are maple leaves that have 5 separate sections, instead of the three (and hint at a fifth) that Sugar Maples have, and I honor her effort and achievement.  I find it inspiring.  I also found it interesting that she did not have an interest in the color ombre.  Pretty sensible really if you want the observers eye to take in the complex shape and edge.

She did a great job!  Thank you for sharing with me and my readers Judy!

If you want to play with this pattern yourself, you can find just the leaf and bail pattern here:

If you want the rope too, look here for that tutorial:

Visit my Etsy shop here, for all available kits and tutorials!

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