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Saturday, January 9, 2021

A Little Peyote Bezel Presentation

 Monday, January 4th, the Upper Midwest Bead Society asked me to speak about bezels, and the resulting presentation was live streamed to facebook on the UMBS club page.  If you are interested in listening and watching, here is a link:  Our business meeting starts about 1:05 minutes in, and my presentation begins at 5:15 minutes.

I speak about how to make a simple bezel, and then, how to add embellishment, create connections, and a little about designing with bezeled components.  I touch on square and rectangular bezels and a few other shapes, and provide links to blogposts about some of those shapes.  

It's a lovely club, and I believe the plan is to present a guest speaker the first Monday of each month live as 2021 proceeds.  Membership forms are available on the UMBS website here:  This first meeting was made available to anyone who wanted to watch, but I think the goal is to eventually have meetings available to members, and since we are presenting virtually, there is no reason you could not belong from anywhere on the planet with internet access.  

As always, thanks for checking in, and please stay safe!

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