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Friday, May 27, 2022

More Peppermint and Spearmint Kits

I have a dozen kits to list tomorrow, Saturday May 28th, at 10 am CDT in my Etsy shop.  Eight are the bluer Peppermint, and four are the greener Spearmint.  I do have two previous requests to fill first, so there may only be 10, and only time will tell.

No sales to offer this time, and sadly, I will need to do a small price increase on all kits in the near future to reflect the cost increases in both materials, and Etsy fees. But for now the prices are the same as before.  Grab them now if you want them!

My garden really needs me, so I will pause a bit to catch up outside and then will have MAYBE a new 4th of July project I have been working on.  It just depends on how many weeds, and how many seeds...

Isn't it interesting that both my beloved pastimes require seeds???  

Enjoy the LONG WEEKEND, or in my case, WEEDEND!


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