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Saturday, June 29, 2019

More Summer Fruit Kits TODAY!

I have two things to communicate today.  

Thing One  -  I have another 12 kits for Summer Fruit available today in my Haute Ice Beadwork Etsy shop.  I will post them at noon, Central Standard Time to be as fair as possible to all interested.

Thing Two  -  If you want a kit, and do not manage to get it (they sold VERY fast last weekend) I can solve that problem.  Just send me an Etsy Convo and let me know what color (or colors) you want and I will order supplies and have another set of kits made up hopefully by next weekend.  I will make your request into a Custom Order, available only to you, and you can purchase at your leisure.  

I don't always do this, but this time, I can and will, but you have to let me know, so I order the right colors of the Swarovski focal.  The kits are $75, due to the Swarovski element (and the leather backing) and many different parts, some of which are a challenge to locate.

SUMMER IS HERE!  Get outside and enjoy it.  And when you get too hot, or have had plenty of vitamin D producing sunshine, go on in and BEAD AWHILE!

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