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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Sunset Butterflies

I learned SO much last week, when I published my first group of Silk Butterfly Bags!  Today I am posting what is left, four "Sunset Butterflies" bags.  I have made things simpler for both you and me.

I will publish a kit of beads with each bag, combining the costs of the bag at $47, and the kits around $18, so there is just one listing to buy to get both things needed to make the bag.  This kit of Bag and Beads costs $65.00.  Here is a link to that listing.  And here is what the butterflies look like in my samples, fully embroidered.

They sit up beautifully off the quilted silk surface, and I find the black outline makes them pop! 

This is a different bag, but, I have loved wearing it this week!

I am also creating a simple photographic tutorial for each bag variation.  It includes diagrams of the bead embroidery stitches I use in each applique cover, and a photographic progression of the process, from outlining to finishing the lining on the back of the embroidered flap

Because the project is about painting with color, there are SO many different beads in each kit!  Trust me when I tell you the kit is a TOTAL bargain.  It comes packed inside your bag so there is just one easy shipping fee.

If you count all the different sizes and finishes of the black beads, plus the firepolish and drops, there are 22 different beads in this kit.  You absolutely could not buy them for $18!

SO if you are interested in this project, and want one of these bags, there are just four available today, in a much simplified format.  And up next, maybe in two weeks or so, some Silver Silk Bags! 

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