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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

To Tell the Truth...

... I was not really planning to kit a new color of my vertical ombre dragon necklace right now.  BUT... Dreamscape Dragon has a shiny new, wintery friend. Meet Paradise Dragon.

How does one end up with a new set of kits without planning to do this?  One of my buyers found mistakes in my text.  Again.  This was the last tutorial I released before the advent of Marie Weakland,  beader extraordinaire, who agreed to help me test my tutorials in early 2017.  I admired her complex projects and lovely technique, and asked her if she would be interested, and she has kindly, (and dramatically!), improved my tutorials with her intelligent suggestions, and wonderful editing.

So I set aside my new colorways for Caramel's Claws and instead worked my way through this tutorial in a new colorway I had been thinking about for long enough to already have scales.

A Paradise Shine Swarovski Fancy Stone provided all the color inspiration for this pretty gal, and while Dreamscape is vibrant and bright, I tried to give this version depth and darkness.  It's still an attention-getting neckpiece, but a little more subtle and rich.

In the photo above, you can see the vertical gradation in the rope, with teal outside edges that fade through turquoise to sapphire to violet at the inside edge against the neck.  I have kept the bezel simple in these dragons, to feature the pretty shapes in the dragons wings and tail, and the hand-painted color.  It also gives you a simple and workable bezel for this Swarovski jewel, which you could play with and embellish as you choose.

I believe I have sent every buyer of this tutorial a corrected copy via e-mail.  But if I missed anyone, please let me know, and I will send you a fresh copy right away, that also includes the materials list for Paradise Dragon.   I want my instructions to be right for you, and I am so sorry for mistakes!

I will post a set of kits for this Paradise Dragon Necklace on this Saturday, November 4th at 9am in my Etsy shop, and I will come back here and add a link.

NOTE:  If you own the Springtime Dragon tutorial, it is correct.  

But it is a 4 color gradation.  
It is light, warm green to dark, cool green in three steps, with a pink belly.  It looks like this in text: AA, BB, CC, DD.  Dreamscape and Paradise color shift much further.  Dreamscape moves from light yellow-orange to purple and Paradise moves from a green-blue to purple, and so I added a FIFTH color to the top side of the rope.  The text chart for these dragons is: AA, BC, DD, EE.

 If you have purchased the Springtime Dragon tutorial,
and want an upgrade to this new tutorial, 
I offer you a deal!
Convo me, from the receipt for your purchase of Springtime Dragon, and I will make you a Custom Listing for this new FIVE COLOR dragon tutorial at $5.00.  That is the only way I can do this quickly and expediently, so the deal is only good via that process.

Now, back to painting dragons!  I promise to get to work on the new colors for Caramel's Claws the second these kits are done.


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    1. Lorraine, I will publish the kit and the corrected tutorial this Saturday morning in my Etsy shop. As soon as I do that, I will come back here and add a link to the listing in this post. I'd love to sell you one! Thanks!

  2. Should I wait till the weekend to purchase of the springtime Dragon then.? Also will it still be $5.?

    1. Hi Unknown, If you own a copy of Springtime Dragon, as stated above, and if you want the updated version of the tutorial with five colors, you may send me a message through Etsy from your receipt. Otherwise, the Springtime dragon tutorial is not currently available. The new Dreamscape and Paradise Dragon will be available in my Etsy shop this weekend. The deal is only for those who already own the original version of the tutorial, as a upgrade.

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  4. May I ask the cost of this kit. It is beautiful!

    1. Hi Amy, thanks for asking. These kits were originally $70, but in a year I have gotten better at wholesale sourcing and I think these kits will be $55.00 I will finishing my pricing task tomorrow, but I am fairly sure of that cost.

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    1. Thanks Ann! And thanks for stopping by. Old friends are the best ones! <3