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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What it Took...

... to make my Arabesque Hearts and Flowers Necklace.

Some materials:

1 8.4 carat Rhodocrosite Teardrop Cabochon  12.00
1 pair Rhodocrosite Cabochons                        20.00
1 piece Pink Bead Backing                                   .65
1 piece Gold Ultrasuede for backing                    4.00
2 2x2mm Gold Filled Crimps                                .30
2 3mm Gold Filled Jump Rings                              .40
22 4mm Swarovski Rose Champagne Bicones      5.50
1 tube 24k Rose Gold Plate Delicas                    15.25
1 tube Nickel Plated Size 11 Seed beads                4.00
1 pkg Size 8 Green Iris Teardrop Seed Beads        2.00
6 tubes Size 15 Japanese Seed Beads                     9.80
1 tube Size 15 24k Gold Czech Charlottes          17.00
1 tube Size 13 24k Gold Czech Charlottes          15.45
4 tubes Size 8 Seed Beads                                    17.00
1 Gold Filled Toggle Clasp                                    9.50
4 bobbins Nymo in 4 Colors                                 5.00
1 spool 10 lb test Red Power Pro                        14.95
1 spool Crystal Fire Line                                    16.80
1 spool Fine Gold Extreme Soft Flex                 25.50

I didn't use up all of each of these items, but I made a just under $200 expenditure to have each item needed at hand to make the necklace. 

Plus some tools:

Needle nose pliers, crimping pliers, beading needles in various sizes, tailors thimble, awl, card stock for making patterns, Lazer shears for cutting the fishing lines, beading mat and tray, bead scoop.

Plus some time:

Usually I keep meticulous track of time, but this time (because I started so late and worked so fast) I have to guess, about 12 hours, but I suspect that is a conservative estimate.

Plus some experience:

Which enabled me to know that what I designed originally could not be finished in time to make the deadline for completion, so I adapted and adjusted my design to allow me to complete it in the time I had available.

Plus the inspiration:

 I got from watching my Etsy Beadweavers teammates post their entries for this challenge, and after deciding that I just didn't have time to do this, re-deciding that I REALLY wanted to make my own response to the challenge of "Arabesque Style."

Tomorrow is the last day of this challenge and if you have not already done so, please visit our Etsy Beadweavers Team blog, and choose your favorite entry of the many delightful interpretations on display and VOTE!


  1. And the outcome.....Is priceless!!!
    Another wonder brought to you by Marsha.

    Seriously, it's really amazing. But the material to add up to quite a large sum.In many ways making beaded jewelry is a very expensive hobby, but it's so much fun!

  2. I totally agree Kinga. I wonder regularly about selling what I make and the wisdom of it, but it does pay for my stash, so I cannot complain! Thanks.

  3. OMG! I have no's simply a masterwork^_^

  4. Estoy gratamente sorprendida por todas las cosas que estoy viendo.
    Son verdaderas bellezas y se nota en cada pieza el cariño con la que se ha hecho. los colores son muy finos y delicados. Estoy realmente maravillada. Felicidades. Un cordial saludo y hasta muy pronto

    1. I had to ask my Spanish speaking son to translate your comment for me. :o) Thank you so very much! You are very generous and kind with your words!

  5. Stunning piece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks so much! I was sad to see it go when it was purchased from my Etsy shop!