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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Damsel Dragon Corrections

Two mistakes were found in my Damsel Dragon tutorial by a sweet and helpful buyer.  I have corrected my tutorial and reprinted the final three cds.

The mistakes are below, both on Page 9, which I must admit gave me all sorts of trouble in general!


Page 9, second paragraph of just one sentence in bold should say:

Stitch the Scale Sequence on page 7 (rows 1-16) a total of seven (7) times.

Unfortunately, my text says "page 5". The Scale Sequence chart appears on page seven and is diagrammed on page 8.


Page 9, bottom of the page, left column, should say:

Row 10 - E(cc), E(dS), E(aa), E(bb). Step up.

The letters in parentheses are the beads you pass through to get to the next addition, and I mistakenly suggested some beads that were not available for the last two pass throughs. (ab) and (bc).

I took time to re-read the entire document (for what feels like the gazallion-th time :), and I HOPE there are no more mistakes, but should you find one, please let me know!

Happy Holidays, and wishing you a Bead-Filled and Joyful New Year!

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