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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's Been Sooooooo Long!

I had a super busy fall and neglected both of my blogs, while working 7 days a week for more than 6 weeks at my ballroom dance competition costume business, Made for Movement.  But I didn't stop beading entirely...

First there was "In the Forest Primeval" a beautiful tabac navette, with matte green leaf fringe to herald the coming autumn.  I made it a peyote neckstrap with dark gold delica edges, and a beaded buttonhole and toggle closure.

And of course, there had to be earrings...
There was a huge forest fire in the Minnesota Boundary Waters this fall, and that inspired this pendant.

And of course...

Then, there was a simple Picasso Jasper pendant piece for the Etsy beadweavers Team "Inspired by Picasso" Challenge.  Love the vibrantly strung neckstrap and the coral bezel.
I am certain there were earrings that went with this, but I don't see the photo!!!

Then, I beaded up a Dutch Spiral for my Etsy Beadweavers challenge "TOTALLY TWISTED!"  I really enjoyed using the metallic matte cubes in the mix, and the Vintaj Brass beadcaps.  No earrings yet...
And then, I had some beautiful Lapis Lazuli ovals and a matched Azurite pair, so I tried a little bead embroidery, not my strong suit, but most enjoyable in my hands.
Since bead art is my second job, I find when I am stressed, it's a meditation that centers, focuses, and relaxes me, but I can't take on projects that are ambitious when my mind is still full of my day.  I'm so glad now to be only normally scheduled for the rest of the year, and look forward to picking up some more substantial projects.


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    thanks :)

  2. As always you have done AMAZING! I really love the 'forest'! I can't wait to see what you do next! ~KM

  3. Beautiful, you are so creative and talented. I love the lushness of the "In the Forest Primeval".

  4. Such gorgeous pieces! The Forest Primeval is just amazing. I love the colors in that one.

  5. Thanks so much ladies for your kind and generous comments!!!

  6. Lovely to have you back, and such wonderful eye candy for us to look at.
    Your bead embroidery is very nice

  7. All of your works are happy you are back.
    -Eva Maria

  8. Oh, my goodness, Marsha! I'll say you've been beading! These are absolutely beautiful; your work is always inspirational. Thanks for sharing these photos!

  9. You are all so sweet. Thank you so much!

  10. Woooowww! Marsha, You have been very busy, but boy, I love all the pieces! And your bead embroidered necklace is just gorgeous, I love how you incorporated the the chain into the design between the stones in the front.