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Friday, May 20, 2011

Thank you Etsy Beadweavers Team!

My wonderful Etsy Beadweavers Team tried out a new voting system this month for our "Lord of the Rings" challenge.  In addition to the Popular Favorite entry, chosen by viewers of our blog, we also hosted an in-house private team vote.  I was extrememly honored to have my entry "Ash & Ember - The Balrog"  chosen as the first Team Favorite.  I wanted to offer a public thank you to my team members for choosing my work to represent our team for this month. 

I also want to offer my congratulations to all of the very worthy runners up.  I was particularly fond of the the second place winner, Amanda of ChrysanthememVeil, whose Nightingale Necklace also won the Popular Favorite vote on our blog. I am a big fan of labrodorite, and I was immediately drawn to the cleanliness and intricacy of her design.  I thought the limited color scheme allowed the elegant textural beauty to shine, and I also really enjoyed her description and elven inspiration. 
Nightingale Necklace by Amanda of ChrysanthemumVeil
I also loved the third place EDORAS Pectoral Necklace by my friend Rosita of CrownRoseGems. I think beautiful and manly sit together magnificently in her work, and I also really appreciate the multi-media use of the woven copper with the beadweaving. And the color pallette, while masculine, is also very sophisticated. Her inspiraton was from archways on the LoTR film set and a visit to her listing to see how that looks is strongly advised. Everything comes together in this piece so perfectly!

EDORAS Pectoral Necklace by Rosita of CrownRoseGems

The winner of the Team Vote is granted the opportunity to choose the next team theme, and mine will be presented in July.  It will be "Sizzling Sunshine - Soothing Water."  We will start our projects by finding an image that combines water and sunshine. We might look through books, magazines, postcards, travel brochures, or through the lens of our own camera. Then, inspired by some aspect of our image (colors, shapes, whatever we find most appealing) we will create a beadwoven work that represents the dichotomy that is the best summer has to offer. Our listing will include the image we have chosen, and an explanation of how it inspired our work. I hope to find time to participate.

I found an image I loved, via google images, and cited the blog Google credited with the image.  BUT it is now a "forbidden image," so I must have done something I should not have.  Best check into that right away.   I know copyright regulation is stringent for photography.  For example, a competitor of my other business, Made for Movement, also has a photography subsidiary.  They go by the same name as the dressmaker, Dore'.  They are using an image of a gown I made to advertise their photography services.  They do not have to credit my design, and the implication is that the gown is a Dore' gown.  Sigh.  So before I get my team in trouble, I best do a little checking here about the use of images!

I hope if you are a team member you'll find this inspiring, and if you are a fan, that you will enjoy the work we present for your pleasure on the 9th of July on our Etsy Beadveavers Team blog.


  1. Great theme for July! And this necklace goes right up there with your bollywood piece as beadweaving masterpieces for me!

  2. Thanks so much for the mention and the feature of my EDORAS neckpiece. That is so kind of you.
    And I will be thinking about your July theme when we go to the Maryland seaside this week end and just hoping the sun will be there to greet us and inspire me!

  3. You are very welcome, Rosita! My pleasure.

  4. Congratulations Marsha,your Balrog is amazing! Amanda and Rosita, you both rocked this challenge too! I can't wait to get started on your July theme Marsha.:))

  5. Congratulations Marsha!
    Eva Maria