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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

If At First You Don't Succeed...

I have tried and tried again, believe me.  I have five sets of photos for my challenge entry this month, and I think, I sincerely HOPE, I finally have the thing right.

I started my leaf just after the challenge was announced. I got it half finished, and set it aside for a while. I finally got back to it last weekend, and when it was finished I was really pleased with the result. BUT, what was it?

A brooch?

A pendant necklace? 

I tried several things, and liked some coral I had. But the bead caps weren't quite the right thing, plus the configuration was too formal for the organic leaf form.

Sunday I went the the Minneapolis Gem and Lapidary Workers Show, with the leaf in hand.  I found some more coral, and a new vendor for me,  had some splendid findings I fell for instantly.  They are naturally oxidized and fire torched copper!  I think the colors are spectaular.  I even did a little work with my pliers to make the bead caps fit my coral.  And somehow, the mismatched nature of these findings suggested an assymetrical treatment for the stringing, just the organic feeling I needed!

I finally got it strung and adjusted my listing, and then spent today looking at the piece and deciding I had the leaf upside down.  DUH. 

It should have been a clue to me that all the photos I liked displayed the leaf point down, but I had strung it point up on the necklace. 

In any case, I am FINALLY through editing and re-stringing... although, I am just not sure about those earrings...  


  1. the leaf is amazing and love the final result!!!!!!!!

  2. I am in awe of that leaf! Beautiful work!

  3. wonderful leaf and beautiful colors!

  4. That is spectacular! And I really loved hearing and seeing the process.

  5. You're leaf is beautiful! I love the colors you chose and the final result is gorgeous! You're process sounds a lot like mine - it's just not right until it's right. :) You've created a winner, good luck in the challenge!

  6. Your work is so beautiful! I hope one day I can reach this level of skill.
    Please check out my new blog!